NineBot One

Advanced Digital Transportation that doubles as carry on luggage

Many flavors of NineBot One

Multi colors option, match whatever you want. Various color shells available, easy to replace yourself. Be different be versatile order a Green Color Kit for your NineBot Elite or NineBot One. You will look marvelous!

Ninebot One is an intelligent, fashionable and portable personal transportation device. With your personal transporter Ninebot One, you can say goodbye to the muni crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure, being the master of your commute.

Ninedroid App

Ninedroid™ App tracking all the time. Ninedroid 2.0 App is available in Apple store and Android Market. You just can’t help loving it with its instrument dashboard, LED light customization, remote firmware updating, you can even track your mileage ranking within the global NineBot community.

NineBot One

NineBot One C+ - $600.00

150wh Battery, 9.5mph top speed, 10 mile range, full charge in 150 minutes and weighs 30 pounds.

NineBot One E+ - $800.00

320wh Battery, 13.6mph top speed, 22 mile range, full charge in 150 minutes and weighs 31.5 pounds.

NineBot Video

NineBot One. Mono wheel intelligent green transportation

NineBot - The Future of Transportation Today

Zero Emission, Almost Zero Cost

NineBot SF - YouTube